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Four Reasons To Use An Attorney To Draw Up Your Will

Although it is possible to draw up your own will, it is best that you have one drawn up by an attorney. The following are four reasons you should do this:

Your will is not lost

If you attempt to draw up your own will, there is the chance that no one will find it after your death. Wills can get lost. In addition, people can fight over your assets, and a will can disappear for unscrupulous reasons. However, an attorney, after drawing up the will, can keep a copy on file. You need only tell your executor to contact your attorney in the event of your death.

There will be no conflicts between wills

Over time, it is likely that you will want to update your will, perhaps changing your benefactors. You may want to add or delete one. The biggest issue is simply the growth of your assets over time. Unless you plan on leaving everything to a single person or organization, you will need to update your will periodically. If you attempt to update a will yourself, there can be confusion over which will is your most recent. However, your most recent will always be available through your attorney.

It makes the probate process much easier

Depending upon the type of assets you have and their value, in some states, a will drawn up by an attorney can make a probate court unnecessary. But even in those situations where your estate needs to go through a probate court, having a will drawn up by an attorney will make the process smoother. There is less chance of the will being challenged and fewer issues a probate judge may have. This means your benefactors will receive their inheritance quicker.

Everything will be done according to the law

Not everything you want to do with your last will and testament may be legal. On the other hand, there may be things you have overlooked that need to be addressed in your will. An attorney can go over all of your finances and explain what needs to be done. Once you have decided exactly what you want to take place after you die, your attorney can then draw up the will, so your last wishes will be carried out.

With the possibility of having zero net worth, everyone should have a will. You may think it is okay to write something out and put it in a safe place, or perhaps you use a form found in a legal store, but the reasons listed above should give you enough motivation to hire an attorney.

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